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R6 CPR FACE Shield
CPR means (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) – This is an emergency procedure which is to be performed in an attempt to return life to an individual who is experiencing a cardiac arrest which is indicated in those people who are insensitive without any breath or only getting gasps, this CPR can be administered or performed both inside or outside of any medical center.
1 prevent direct contacting during artificial repiration
2 transpatent dome allows rescuer to visually check for patients\'s lip color and vomitus.
3 made of durable plastic for easy cleaning and long product life.
4 can be customized by customer\'s requirement
The air we breathe in travels to our lungs where oxygen is picked up by our blood and then pumped by the heart to our tissue and organs. When a person experiences cardiac arrest - whether due to heart failure in adults and the elderly or an injury such as near drowning, electrocution or severe trauma in a child - the heart goes from a normal beat to an arrhythmic pattern called ventricular fibrillation, and eventually ceases to beat altogether.
This prevents oxygen from circulating throughout the body, rapidly killing cells and tissue. In essence, Cardio (heart) Pulmonary (lung) Resuscitation (revive, revitalize) serves as an artificial heartbeat and an artificial respirator.
CPR may not save the victim even when performed properly, but if started within 4 minutes of cardiac arrest and defibrillation is provided within 10 minutes, a person has a 40% chance of survival.

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